Upcoming Sales


Date Sale Location Catalog
Aug 18, 2022 Legendary Akaushi Genetics Mark of Excellence “Frozen Pasture” Sales Event II www.Wagyu365.com
Aug 27, 2022 TJ's Cattle Co. LLC, Complete & Total Dispersal Sale Fort Worth, TX View
Sep 1, 2022 Dorran Cattle Co Commercial Bred Heifer Sale Didsbury, Alberta
Sep 6, 2022 Davis Ranches Show Heifer Online Sale www.Limousin365.com
Sep 8, 2022 Moreno Ranches Brahman Catalyst X Sale www.MorenoRanches.com
Sep 8, 2022 Credit For Kids Auction – National Jr Show Fundraiser www.Limousin365.com
Sep 10, 2022 2022 Edwards Land & Cattle Co. Bull and Female Production Sale Beulaville, NC
Sep 12, 2022 Lenape Limousin Inaugural Online Sale www.Limousin365.com
Sep 13, 2022 B. Craig Cattle Inaugural Genetic Progress Online Sale of 2022 www.Limousin365.com
Sep 17, 2022 Conely Cattle Annual Production Sale Sulphur, OK
Sep 20, 2022 KLS Farms "It's a Southern Thing" Edition IV www.Limousin365.com
Sep 29, 2022 2022 Davis Ranches Online Sale www.Limousin365.com
Oct 1, 2022 Bradley Cattle Co. Annual Female Sale Springfield, MO
Oct 8, 2022 Wilder-Lawrence Aggie Traditions Online Sale College Station, TX SC Online Sales
Oct 10, 2022 Balamore Farm Shoreline Event I Great Village, Nova Scotia
Oct 11, 2022 Coleman Angus Annual Female Production Sale Charlo, MT
Oct 15, 2022 Bradley Cattle. Co. Female and Bull Sale Springfield, MO
Oct 15, 2022 Pembrook Cattle Co. Annual Fall Production Sale Fairview, OK
Oct 19, 2022 Morace Cattle Co Wagyu "Gold Standard" Sale www.Wagyu365.com
Oct 22, 2022 2022 Linhart Limousin Production Sale Leon, IA
Oct 25, 2022 KLS Farms "It's a Southern Thing" Edition V www.Limousin365.com
Oct 30, 2022 P Bar S Ranches “Proof of Progress XVII” Sale Sand Springs, OK
Oct 31, 2022 2022 Rust Mountain View Sale Mercer, ND
Nov 1, 2022 2022 Davis Ranches Open Heifer Online Sale www.Limousin365.com
Nov 11, 2022 KLS Farms "It's a Southern Thing" Edition VI www.Limousin365.com
Nov 12, 2022 2022 Thomas Farms Sale Damascus, AR
Nov 22, 2022 Cross Creek Farm 2nd Annual Online Sale www.Limousin365.com
Nov 26, 2022 Route 66 Inaugural “Black Friday” Online Sale www.Limousin365.com
Nov 28, 2022 2022 Boyce-Dill Cyber Monday Online Sale www.Limousin365.com
Dec 1, 2022 Canadian Western Agribition "Solid Gold" Limousin Sale Saskatchewan, Canada
Dec 3, 2022 Wagyu and Akaushi on the Vegas Strip Sale III Las Vegas, NV
Dec 10, 2022 Night on the Town IV Limousin, Lim-Flex and All Breeds Sale Las Vegas, NV
Dec 14, 2022 Pembrook Cattle Co. “Holiday Lights” Live Sale CCI.Live
Dec 14, 2022 Moreno Ranches 12 Days of Christmas Online Sale www.MorenoRanches.com