Upcoming Sales


Date Sale Location Catalog
Jan 20, 2021 Davis Ranches “January Sales Event” www.Limousin365.com
Jan 21, 2021 Moreno Ranches New Year's Resolution Online Sale www.MorenoRanches.com
Jan 25, 2021 KLS SULL Charmer Semen Influence Online Sale www.Limousin365.com
Jan 26, 2021 KLS Farms “It’s a Southern Thing” January Online Event www.Limousin365.com
Jan 28, 2021 Wilder Family’s Pride of Texas Online Bull Sale www.Limousin365.com
Feb 9, 2021 Davis Ranches The "Kings Court" Online Sale www.Limousin365.com
Feb 11, 2021 Rust Mountain View Ranch “Ace in the Hole” Bull Sale Mercer, ND View
Feb 16, 2021 Coleman/Trexler Angus Annual Bull Sale Missoula, MT
Feb 23, 2021 Edwards Land & Cattle Co. Bull and Bred Female Online Sale www.Limousin365.com
Feb 27, 2021 Lonely Valley 30th Annual Keepin’ Kind Bull Sale Creston, NE
Mar 4, 2021 J6 Farms Red Angus and Limousin/Lim-Flex Bull and Female Sale Gibbon, NE
Mar 6, 2021 Linhart Limousin Business Done Right Bull Sale Leon, IA
Mar 9, 2021 Davis Ranches “March Sales Event” Online Sale www.Limousin365.com
Mar 10, 2021 Jones Brothers Online Female Sale www.Limousin365.com
Mar 20, 2021 Pinegar Limousin Herd Builder XXVI Sale Springfield, MO
Apr 9, 2021 Wulf Cattle Annual Opportunity Sale of 2021 www.SuperiorLivestockAuction.com
Apr 11, 2021 KLS Farms “It’s a Southern Thing” Online Sale www.Limousin365.com
Apr 18, 2021 P Bar S Ranch Limousin/Lim-Flex/Red Angus Proof of Progress Sale Sand Springs, OK
Apr 21, 2021 Edwards Land & Cattle Show Heifer Online Sale www.Limousin365.com
May 15, 2021 Smoky Mountain Classic Limousin and Lim-Flex Sale Gray, TN
May 25, 2021 “All Red” Online Sale www.Limousin365.com