Upcoming Sales


Date Sale Location Catalog
Sep 21, 2019 Edwards Land & Cattle Co. Bull and Female Sale Beulaville, NC View
Sep 26, 2019 Music City Signature Series Wagyu Sale Nashville, TN
Sep 29, 2019 Diamond R Cattle Company, LLC Complete and Total Fullblood Limousin Dispersal Sale Perkins, OK View
Oct 4, 2019 Coleman's Discovery Sale of 2019 Charlo, MT View
Oct 5, 2019 Marchi Wagyu Complete and Total Dispersal Sale Charlo, MT
Oct 6, 2019 The Limousin “Summit” Sale www.Limousin365.com
Oct 8, 2019 Pinegar Limousin Fall Bred and Open Heifer Online Sale www.Limousin365.com
Oct 13, 2019 Sullivan Farms Maternal Legends Sale Dunlap, IA View
Oct 17, 2019 KLS Farms Online Limousin Sale www.Limousin365.com
Oct 27, 2019 P Bar S Ranch Proof of Progress Limousin and Red Angus Sale Sand Springs, OK
Oct 31, 2019 Lonely Valley Seedstock Online Sale www.Limousin365.com
Nov 3, 2019 Linhart Limousin Annual Fall Harvest Sale Leon, IA
Nov 9, 2019 Deer Valley Farm Angus Sale Fayetteville, TN
Nov 14, 2019 Edwards Land & Cattle Co. Online Sale www.Limousin365.com
Nov 16, 2019 4-States Limousin Sale Mt. Pleasant
Nov 25, 2019 Moreno Ranches Cyber Monday Brahman Sale www.morenoranches.com
Dec 7, 2019 All Breed’s Signature Sale Las Vegas, NV
Dec 11, 2019 Wagyu On the Vegas Strip Sale Las Vegas, NV
Dec 13, 2019 Moreno Ranches 12 Days of Christmas Sale www.morenoranches.com
Dec 14, 2019 “A Night on the Town Limousin Sale II” Las Vegas, NV