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Date Sale Location Catalog
Aug 27, 2020 Moreno Ranches Labor Day Summer Online Sale www.morenoranches.com
Sep 10, 2020 Davis Limousin Ranches Fall Online Sale www.Limousin365.com
Sep 15, 2020 Moreno Ranches Brahman Catalyst VIII Online Sale www.morenoranches.com
Sep 16, 2020 KLS Farms Genetic Opportunity II Online Sale www.Limousin365.com
Sep 19, 2020 Edwards Land & Cattle Co. Bull and Female Production Sale Beulaville, NC
Sep 25, 2020 The III Annual Summit Limousin Live Online Auction www.L365auctions.com
Oct 3, 2020 AUTO Pinegar Legacy Continues Production Sale Springfield, MO
Oct 8, 2020 Moreno Ranches Brahman Fall Harvest Online Sale www.morenoranches.com
Oct 8, 2020 Davis Limousin Ranches Online Sale www.Limousin365.com
Oct 11, 2020 2020 Sullivan Farms Maternal Legends Sale Dunlap, IA
Oct 20, 2020 KLS Farms Genetic Opportunity III Online Sale www.Limousin365.com
Oct 25, 2020 P Bar S Ranch Proof of Progress XV Sale Sand Springs, OK
Oct 29, 2020 American Wagyu Association Conference Sale www.wagyu365.com
Nov 1, 2020 2020 Linhart Limousin Fall Harvest Production Sale Leon, IA
Nov 4, 2020 Jones Bro’s Fall Bred Female Online Sale www.Limousin365.com
Nov 9, 2020 2020 Davis Limousin Ranches Online Sale www.Limousin365.com
Nov 14, 2020 4 States Limousin Sale Mt. Pleasant, TX
Nov 17, 2020 Triple Crown Steak Challenge Live Online Wagyu Auction www.Wagyu365.com
Nov 19, 2020 Fort Hays State University Online Red Angus Female Sale Ft. Hays, KS
Nov 30, 2020 Moreno Ranches Brahman Cyber Monday Online Sale VI www.morenoranches.com
Dec 4, 2020 All Breeds365 Vegas II Sale Las Vegas, NV
Dec 5, 2020 “A Night on the Town II” Limousin Sale Las Vegas, NV
Dec 7, 2020 Wagyu365 “On The Strip” Sale II Las Vegas, NV
Dec 11, 2020 Moreno Ranches Brahman “12 Days” of Christmas V Online Sale www.morenoranches.com