SYNERGY: The working together of two things to produce an effect
greater than the sum of their individual efforts.

Branding & Marketing

Every detail surrounding a program’s public presence matters. R&R Marketing believes in authentic branding, and utilizes emerging technology and a solid network built over two decades. We work with our clients to establish and maintain perceptions that highlight and preserve the differentiation that characterizes their unique program.


Advertising begins with developing a message relative to the specific goal--a message that compels readers, listeners or views to take action. Promotion can include everything from exhibiting cattle at specific locations, to developing and distributing news releases, to building trade show displays and everything in between. We help clients determine which promotion tools to utilize, relative to their program goals and product. Next, we can design the specific promotional products.


R&R Marketing strives to become a vested partner in our clients’ success, allowing them to provide the degree of input they want. Whether a program is selecting calves to develop to market, seeking information about mating decisions, advertising or promotions for a specific event, or evaluating an existing program to determine best-value management changes.


R&R marketing evaluates and purchases individual cattle and groups of cattle on behalf of clients. These purchases can be from sales managed by R&R marketing, other sales or private treaty.

Sale management

We bring more than two decades of experience in helping match our clients’ cattle and genetics to specific opportunities: selecting sale cattle, taking pictures and videos of sale cattle, designing, producing and mailing print catalogues, developing and placing sale advertisements, hiring ring help and auctioneers, clerking, and collecting and disbursing sale funds as a certified bonded agent.

Online Sales

Online Sales are a unique opportunity for clients to showcase cattle offerings to the vast world of potential Internet buyers. R&R Marketing’s exclusive system ensures buyers and sellers trade protection and confidence. For details, see our Online Sales section here.